Mad Professors & Higher Education

Mad Professors
I was walking down University Way when I saw a familiar face. A guy I had been schooling with back in High School, dressed like a security guard marching towards me. Then he randomly stopped and stared up into the air with intent. Were I not sure there was nothing in the air, I would’ve stared too. Soon, he was having a fight with an imaginary flying serpent, swinging his security guard fimbo in the air recklessly. It wasn’t long before he stumbled onto the road and began running to the other side of the highway, looking over his shoulder every few seconds. He was oblivious to traffic and to his general surroundings. To say he looked out of his mind would be mild. He looked like he and his mind had parted ways a long time ago and this new thing in his head belonged to a mouse on LSD. I watched him scream at vehicles and jump up and down as I reminisced on how academically sturdy this guy used to be. I remember him going to University and hearing he was doing well. How he got to this point, I don’t know.

Well, I have my suspicion. I think school made him go slightly bonkers. And if you’ve been watching the news lately, you know why I’m saying this. Continue reading

The No.1 Problem With The Youth In Kenya


I’ve walked up to a lot of people – I’d say hundreds – and asked them the following question.

“If I gave you a blank cheque, right now, and told you you would get whatever amount you put on it, what would you write?”

The shallower younger ones made up numbers(a ‘gajillion’ might have been the most popular). The overthinkers rationalized and asked what the limits were. The moderate intellects thought about it and then came up with a number in some foreign currency. The people who wanted to seem smart asked me what I would write on it. But you know what the large majority said?

“I don’t know.”

And therein lies the issue with the way we think. It’s not the lack of ability or talent; resource or opportunity; it’s a seeming lack of ambition and direction. Continue reading

Why My Daughters Will Never Go To Boarding School

Today, I decided to walk to town because it’s healthier (i.e. no money for petrol) and somehow ended up having a conversation with statutory rapists after being hit on by a school girl.

I will not be naughty schoolgirl

OK, so this is what happened. I was walking through one of those areas with a lot of boarding schools in it when I noticed a taxi that was essentially parked in the middle of the road. As I walked towards it – because there was really no place else to go -, an elderly gentleman hopped out and raised his hand as he marched in my direction.

Now, I have no qualms with kicking old ass – quite the contrary in fact, I just need to be provoked. In my mind, an old guy running towards me with a raised arm is just enough cause to draw out the fisticuffs. But alas, he came in peace speaking in the most proper English, correct register and British accent to match.

“Young man, could you kindly direct me to {beep} School. My daughter is unwell and I’ve come to take her home.”
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StupidĀ children!

I heard on X-fm that those stupid children want to riot again. Nkt.

A little background.

A few weeks ago, campaigns began for student elections. I pass through Chiromo every day, so I noted all the posters of unreasonably attractive boys … and girls.

Come election day, I heard a lot of noise outside – the office is quite close to the campus. I made sure to leave early that day.

The next three days were filled with riots by those stupid children. They torched cars, broke windows, did the usual random nonsense. In response, the government banned SONU, the students union.

Because of the ban, the students staged a peaceful protest which was anything but peaceful. The government and administration of UoN then closed the university indefinitely.

Next day, the former SONU Chairman – Osiany – gave the government an ultimatum of 2 weeks to reopen the university, otherwise the students would ‘take to the streets’. Continue reading