“WAGEUZI”, Raila & The New Kenyan Youth

There’s a very talented man out there by the name of Andrew Kaggia who created a very powerful 3D Animation by the name WAGEUZI. It’s a very new look at the battle between politicians for the votes of Kenyans. If you haven’t already, kindly take 13 minutes out of your day and watch it.

It made me think back to a conversation I had with a Poli Sci/IR professor earlier this week on the youth vote. It began with a discussion about all the things currently lacking in Kenya: fuel, gas, sugar, maize; commodities we know are there, but aren’t being sold. Continue reading

My Purple Thumb & I

by Kipepeo

I am now known to have a political opinion – I never did before. I never really cared before. See middle class Kenyans don’t usually care. I went to private school, went to private hospitals, our family had private security and even private garbage collectors. The government has not really had a direct impact on my life in away from the abstract in a way that is tangible to me.  However, the last election I registered and did my civic voting duty. Lets just say post getting my pinky purple’d I was not a happy camper. My middle class self came to certain realizations and that’s the story of how I acquired a political opinion.

I was left totally heartbroken by all these politicians and Kenyans as a whole. In that state of mind I was very close to burning up my voting card because at that point, in my mind – my vote didn’t count.  But I didn’t burn it – I however put it in some place that I couldn’t find it.  Well that was up until I heard Continue reading