5 Truths About Obama

There are a few fundamental truths that Kenyans and the World at large just cannot seem to come to grasps with regarding O.B. I feel it critical that we come to terms with these before being able to properly appreciate the man, the phenomenon, the president.

Obama is NOT Kenyan

Remember when Obama won the elections and the World trembled slightly as billions rejoiced. I doubt there was any celebration greater than that which took place on Kenyan soil.

Why though?

Because his sperm donor of a father, who never really raised him, was Kenyan? I fail to see how that justifies the éclat and pride witnessed among our people. Yeah, his family has the right to celebrate, but outside them, the rest of you are really just hitchhikers. Continue reading

“Rich Kenyans”: An Oxymoron

I happen to be doing some work for a certain exclusive Golf Resort near Nairobi. Part of my work affords me access to pretty much everybody’s information; monetary and otherwise. I didn’t need this info to know that only rich people go to the club. It’s apparent before you even get there.

See, I use public transport. I’m not poor, I just don’t want to be forced to pull out the Audi(Remember what happened the last time I did that?). Besides that car guzzles fuel like it has a bladder problem. It needs a doctor, not a mechanic. Anyhow, until this job opportunity arose, I had never been on this side of town. So when I got out the shuttle for the first time, I felt like The Fresh Prince when he first got to Bel Air. Continue reading