Karate Chop

I was walking through an airport terminal one day minding somebody else’s business as I waited for a flight. Normally, I don’t stalk or follow people, but this was a gorgeous girl with a fantastic cellphone and I just had to get second glances at both, so I walked behind her for a while. Finally, said person turned around. We had a weird stare-down that ended in me doing the first thing that came to mind which was saying “Hi”.

There is a purpose behind greetings and introductions. It’s normally when you want to begin something, like a conversation, or a relationship, or a drug purchase. I wasn’t interested in any of these from the woman in question, but from you, dear readers, I want it all. (Minus the drugs. I already have a guy for that. Shout out to Pablo and ’em.)

It is for this reason that I take time to say “Hi. It is nice to meet you.” Hope you have fun here. I’ll be one of your hosts. Jamba Juices are being served at the bar in the back and Crysanthemum tea can be found in the lounge. You don’t have to leave your shoes at the door if you’re wearing clean socks and leave your prejudices on the coat rack.

Make yourselves at home and let’s talk about stuff.