First Ladies of Africa, You Have Failed Us!

Disclaimer: The letter below is meant for diasporadical purposes only. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead is purely coincidental.

Dear First Ladies of Africa,

Cc: Organisation of African First Ladies Against Aids (OAFLA),

Other than the time you held that International Conference for African First Ladies in Los Angeles two years ago and invited Paris Hilton, very little is known about your organization. As Africans, we know of our individual First Ladies. It is either their eccentricities, extravagance or total lack of decorum that reminds us of their continued presence. And so it seems that the impact that our First Ladies have made and continue to make within their respective borders has long been outweighed by their inaction, indifference and indiscretions well captured in the media.

The bottom line is: you have failed us. Although your primary focus as an Organisation has been on HIV/AIDS, the impact you have made in raising awareness and dealing with this epidemic is very debatable.

If you squint, it looks like a huge muppet is climbing up her back..,

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Beaches, Males & Race Relations

A few weeks ago, I attended a workshop at one of the prettiest places in the world. My generous client paid for my plane ticket, full board, and editorial work. All projects should be this good.

Because I’d worked with this client before, he trusted me, and didn’t hang around to babysit. As soon as he’d checked us in and had dinner with us, he went home to his wife, and left us mostly to ourselves except for occasional drop-ins to make sure all was okay.

The team consisted of two guys – one local, one English; and three girls – two locals plus me. I was the baby of the group, and everyone else had kids half my age. The bill had been agreed in advance, but we used sign-sheets to know what should be paid.

On day 1, the client was around, so he did all the signing himself. On later days, he left me in charge, so I was to look over the bills. Because he’d put me in control, he didn’t want to undermine me, so if the sign-sheets came and he was around, he instructed the hotel staff to defer to me, which I thought was pretty cool coming from an African man. It was almost cute the way the waiters would bring the chit to him and he’d nod in my direction instead. Continue reading