Why Are Guns Illegal Again?

I talk about guns a lot. Usually it’s how cops mishandle them, or kill innocent people with them, or kill people that they claim aren’t innocent with them. I also at some point mentioned that I had my own small arsenal and am quite a fan of the science/art behind firearms.

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The Soapbox: “Guns, Drugs and Porn In Kenya”

Alright, new category. I’m going to call this one “The Soapbox”. Basically, every Monday, I’ll come in here and rant on issues I feel a certain way about and then let you guys chime in. Simple enough? Today’s topics is “Guns, Drugs, and Porn”. I wanted to call it “Getting shot, shooting up, and shooting smut” but our imaginary editor thought that it was too wordy.

Anyhow, let’s get it started! © B.E.P.

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