I Guess This is Hate-Speech….

Any politician currently in a government office that is not spending all their time and effort to permanently eradicate corruption is a complete waste of oxygen.

F The Government

Oh, hello there reader. I was just talking about how much I disliked and lacked respect for all those elected and nominated officials who’d much rather make their pockets than their country grow – you know, pretty much all of them. The same ones, ironically, concerned with “hate speech”. Continue reading

This man and woman thing.

Venus v.s Mars?

I’m sure our good friend has a ton of nice things he could say about women and men too but let’s face it, sugar-coating things or beating around the bush wouldn’t be too constructive, now would it?

The truth of the matter is that men and women desperately want to ‘understand’ each other. For this reason, we read, we write, we listen, we interact, we share experiences yet, time and time again we are constantly reminded just how little we actually know about each other. We (male bloggers of DR) are on a noble yet perilous quest to expand our understanding of relationships between women and men or atleast write enough about women to convince ourselves of the same. In doing so, we rely on our personal observations and experiences both socially and within the relationship context. Admittedly, deriving generalizations from one’s own personal experiences with the opposite sex can often times be inaccurate, misleading and on the rare occasion offensive but it cannot be denied that it helps to provoke thoughtful discussion, meaningful insight and hopefully lead to a better understanding of man-woman dynamics for all.

Don’t get me wrong though, I hate stereotyping more than the next person but when sh*t hits the fan and arguments between men and women break out, we all go running back to the stereotypes and generalizations that have been with us our entire lives to help us ‘understand’ stuff.

We all generalise and stereotype each other. Women and men alike.

Disclaimer: What you’re about to read is yet another bunch of words I put together in short sentences arranged haphazardly to look like poetry futile attempt to sum up the differences between men and women.

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