Curb HIV Spread; Shave Women’s Heads

Every time we mention Zimbabwe, it seems to be based on an individual’s ludicrous behavior. This time is no different.

Two Senators in the government there seem to have some genius solutions on how to curb their already declining HIV prevalence.

One gentleman, a Mr. Fernai, suggests that women’s attractiveness is the problem. He’s of the opinion that government should pass laws to make sure these girls are as smelly and unattractive as possible. Continue reading


Dear Agnes,

"Oh my God, oh my God, oh my God, oh my God, OH MY GOD!"

Consider this your 1,000,000th fan mail. Yup, you’re my winner!! Actually, you stole my heart. You captured my attention and captivated my mind while Ciku busted you on live national radio. Seriously girl, you did it! Whatever your reasons, you courageously stepped into male territory and did what a man would do and not get the kind of heat coming your way – you cheated and got caught. Continue reading