“Poorism” = Poverty + Tourism

Uhm, yes, and I’ll have one of those handmade African bracelet thingies, a kitenge and half a conscience. Takeaway, please.

Providence fate entropy Popular genetics has decreed that I will never be the most interesting conversationalist within a three-mile radius. (Damn you, extra-chromosomal DNA. I shall have my revenge. Cc: Stewie Griffin) It was always often with a generous dash of schadenfreude, therefore, that I prepared to receive the news of some stranger’s conversational faux pas.

She was still fuming, nearly a week later. ‘Can you imagine—?’

‘—I’m sure I can,’ said I.

So she got into it right away. She was at this joint being the well-spoken, well-dressed, even-tempered MAW that she’s always been. There was this good-looking tourist with a seven o’clock shadow.

‘Wait,’ I cut in. ‘How did you know he was a tourist?’ Continue reading