Racism in Soccer

Look at the hairy ape in the picture below. The un-evolved evolutionary throwback was caught on camera abusing Liverpool players as a collection of feeble-minded locals laughed in amusement or joined in.

How sad.

It is a picture that should remind us just how far we have come in football since the shameful 1980s when scenes like this were commonplace. It should also serve to demonstrate just how far some corners of Europe still lag behind when it comes to standards of basic decency.

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Mourinho at Real Madrid: A Match Made in Heaven?

Call him brash, arrogant and cocky however with such impressive record successes almost seem more of an entitlement. This is the description that encapsulates the personality that is Jose Mourinho, and also the institution that Real Madrid has become in the football world.

Has there ever been a more obvious case of a coach and club being made for each other?

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