The New & Improved Zuku

We complained about Zuku last year. A lot.

Twice, the complaints were by myself and once they came from our resident ‘purple-haired Ranting Swede‘. In the comments, dozens of you joined in with your own queries and even more were sent by email. Zuku responded. You retaliated. It was messy.

Then late last year, Zuku reached out to Diasporadical privately, asking if we would help them in piloting and testing some new services(including fibre broadband internet). To be honest, the entire team was just too busy in the last quarter of last year and the first one of this year, so that project somehow vanished from our radars.

Until about a month ago when a young man in Zuku branded attire knocked on our doors.

He swooned us with promises of high speed internet(by Kenyan standards) at ridiculously low rates. Put it this way, we were paying about 1,500/= a month for 512kbps. According to the traveling salesman, we’d now we’d be paying 1,999 for 4mbps. That’s 8 times the speed for…500bob more? Continue reading

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