Remember E-Sir: 10 Years Later


This past Saturday marked the 10 year anniversary of E-Sir‘s passing.

The thought alone sinks my heart.

Anyone you ask who ever met the guy, whether in a studio, club, classroom or in their neighborhood will tell you the same things about him. His personality and charisma overflowed. The thing that struck me about about him was that he was confident without being overly cocky and had a certain clarity and determination that followed that confidence.

I was in high school when I first ran into that particular clique of guys he used to roll with. Continue reading

Remember E-Sir

“Na singependa kukufa bila nyinyi kujua/mimi si mimi bila nyinyi…” – E-Sir-“Hamunitishi”

On March 16th, 2003 the world stopped spinning for a few minutes. Isah Mmari, better known as E-Sir, passed away in a tragic car accident. The mood in the country was somber and dark for the following week; for all his fans, friends and family, those that knew him and those that loved him.

Today, we remember his legacy, enjoy his music, and celebrate his life.

I was privileged enough to have met and known him. Yet to this day, his passing has been one of those things I’ve struggled to fully comprehend. But what more can one do besides accept the cards dealt unto us?

E-Sir was a phenomenal guy in more ways than I care to list and I urge you all to take a moment to honor his memory today. Share a comment if you have one, keep his family in your thoughts and prayers, request his music on the radio, buy his album in the stores. Remind your friends and peers to do the same.

Let his memory live on.

Rest in continued peace, Isah. 7 Years have passed and we still miss you.