“Attention-Seeking Muslims”? – Banning the Hijab in Schools

Note: The phrase “attention-seeking muslims” is in quotation marks. These are words borrowed from an online discussion of the Kenya High Case on the Hijab.

The drafters of the Kenyan Constitution were well aware of the problems that could be caused by insisting on a strict separation between church and state. At the same time, the predominance of Christianity coupled with the strong presence of Islam and other religious beliefs throughout the Republic must also have been on the drafter’s minds. So, our constitution makes a compromise which is now entrenched in the Bill of Rights. Every person is required to recognize all religions and not discriminate against any religious group but also every person particularly the State is required to treat all religions equally.

With this background, the question that has recently arising involves the hijab (female muslim headscarf) and whether it should be banned in our public schools.

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When Religion Forgot About God

Disclaimer: If you’re here to insult believers, your comment will get deleted. If you’re here to discuss religion, be open-minded.

It was September 11th the other day.

For many, they remember the twin towers crashing, killing thousands and decimating any progress that had been made towards the acceptance of Muslims in America, and ultimately, the West. Reason being, the culprits behind it said that their motivation was religious thus pissing petrol onto the simmering corpses of the innocent and the raging flames of the burning buildings.

They did it because it was right – nay, necessary – by God.

Just as many before them have done. More people have died in the name of religion than have because of politics or money. More lives have been extinguished by God’s supposed ‘Word’ than have perished in any natural disaster ever. And why? Is there something fundamentally wrong with religion? Continue reading

The Truth About Freemasons in Kenya

The truth shall set you free
One of the earliest pieces on DR was a rebuttal to Zuqka’s speculative nonsensical article that claimed that several of our favorite artists were Masons; more specifically, that Jay-z was part of some secret society. Hogwash really.

But what isn’t hogwash is how Kenyans feel about such groups of people. We have been polarized to react acidicly negatively to Freemasons – or as many call them, Devil Worshippers & Satanists – because they supposedly drink blood drained from virgin children’s necks and pray in dark rooms with no windows while having orgies with abducted prostitutes. But how much of this stigma is really true? Here are 10 things you need to know about Freemasons before you pass judgment. Continue reading

“Are You Saved?”

I couldn’t quite hear what she was saying from my office so I walked out and closer to her cubicle to get a cleaner ear on it.

“I’m sorry what?” I replied.
“I said: Are you saved?” She repeated.


Let me explain why I have a problem with that question. In case you’re just tuning in – which you are – my coworker, had decided that it was now relevant – no, imperative – to explore the depth of my religious proclivities and dedications. There are several things obscenely wrong with this, in my unhumble opinion. Continue reading