Why Kenyans Should ‘Watch The Throne’

If you’re on Twitter or Facebook or are remotely inclined to Hip-Hop, you know that Kanye West and Jay-z released a monster of an album titled ‘Watch The Throne’.

While there’s a lot of chatter about it, I want to urge all Kenyans, and East Africans at large, to watch the video to its single ‘Otis’. Why? Well…

They are auctioning off a Maybach to raise funds for the famine relief efforts here. I salute these two young men for not just being creative but for doing something for us.

That is all.

The Truth About Freemasons in Kenya

The truth shall set you free
One of the earliest pieces on DR was a rebuttal to Zuqka’s speculative nonsensical article that claimed that several of our favorite artists were Masons; more specifically, that Jay-z was part of some secret society. Hogwash really.

But what isn’t hogwash is how Kenyans feel about such groups of people. We have been polarized to react acidicly negatively to Freemasons – or as many call them, Devil Worshippers & Satanists – because they supposedly drink blood drained from virgin children’s necks and pray in dark rooms with no windows while having orgies with abducted prostitutes. But how much of this stigma is really true? Here are 10 things you need to know about Freemasons before you pass judgment. Continue reading