Unemployment: “Kenya’s Favourite Pastime”

Unemployment Pig
A colleague of mine from the US was recently being outlandishly narrow-minded about the current state of affairs in Kenya. He said, and I quote: “One of the major downfalls of the country is the inexplicably high unemployment rate.” And you know what, in a textbook context, he may be right. About one in 2 able bodied adults are unemployed. Really, it’s about 4 out of 10, but when you take into consideration that most unemployed people are not featured in censuses and the likes, it may be significantly higher. So that makes sense on the surface. But dig a little deeper, I say.

I did. And after years of watching Kenyans and foreigners complain and working both here and abroad, I have decided on the few following facts.

1. The only people that apply for jobs are people who have jobs.
2. The people who have jobs and don’t apply for other jobs are subconsciously trying to get fired.
3. Most wananchi are resolved – no, determined – to remain unemployed.

There is a reason behind these mad statements. Let me explain. Continue reading