Waxing lyri… political

I don’t do politics – not generally. I don’t have any deep-seated opinions on this whole who-rules-who-how-where thing. I know that I have my new purple pinkie though I think the old one looked cooler. This one is all soft, wishy-washy, and the photo looks worse the one on my ID, which is a feat in itself.

I don’t plan to vote yes or no … which is an extremely daft admission. Why? Because saying ‘constitution’ makes people think you’re smart, even when they have no clue what you’re on about.

And that’s my problem. I like to look smart. I’m supposed to know about stuff like this. But I’ve read the constitution – the old one. Scratch that – I’ve tried to read the constitution. I didn’t get very far. Why? Because it’s boring. Incomprehensible as well, but mostly boring. Continue reading

Daily Dozen: 2/04

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