Law & Hip-Hop…

In my short lifetime, I have had to vigourously defend two very important choices I have made in my life: my music and my career. I hope the previous blogpost on Hip-Hop made it clear where I stand when it comes to my choice of music. As for my career choice, it seems the subtle inferences, jokes, sarcasm and stereotyping have only just began. I am a lawyer, by the way. Ironically, my underlying defense of both my love of Hip-Hop music and my choice to study and eventually practice law is one and the same: there’s a soul, a consciousness in it that a lot of people don’t seem to appreciate. The general perception of lawyers among most of my friends is that they are nothing more than freelance bureaucrats willing to sell their souls to the highest bidder.

Allow me if you may to respond to a few other statements that have been made about the legal profession that I totally disagree with.

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