Daily Dozen 10/12

Time Magazine’s Top 10 Everything of 2010 [TIME]
Ali Mazrui speaks about an African half-century [Guardian]
The Kenyan Mobile Money Ecosystem [WhiteAfrican]
A weekly LEAK – nyuma ya gari [milonare]
“Dream of Nairobication” [Wyndago]
“The Evolution of Parliamentary Sovereignty in Kenya” [KenOpalo]
Nairobi commuter rail to be operational and ready for uprooting by 2012 [EAS]
Safaricom CEO confirms he has recieved your requests but is experiencing some delays. [Twitter]
Ivory Coast is a test case for Africa [BBC]
What Ranneberger told his boss about the culture of impunity in Kenya [GUK]
According to Johnnie Carson, China lacks ‘morals’ in Africa [AlJazeera]
Important tip for starting your own business [LikeChapaa]

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Really Bad Customer Care … or A Really Good Scam!

Safaricon - The Bitter Option

A few weeks ago, I got a forward about how someone had been conned through his phone. Apparently, some guy called him claiming to be from Customer Care and gave him some story about green sim cards, black sim cards and awards, then got the guy’s name, ID number and DOB. Dude’s DOB was his M-Pesa PIN number.

He was then given a code to key in – *33# or something like that – and asked not to use his number for ten minutes. A while later, the guy’s wife calls him on an alternate number claiming that some random guy is demanding Ksh 10,000 for his release. The couple try to call Customer Care but all calls have been barred and the Mpesa account has been drained.

No, I don’t know how they got the guy’s wife’s number. Probably an inside job.

Today, I took Ksh 7,000 out of my Mpesa account, which is the largest amount I’ve ever drawn. I didn’t think about it much, except I felt a little nervous since it wasn’t my usual Mpesa point. I usually draw close to home, just in case. Continue reading