When Mandela Dies…

Two months ago, my biggest fear was that Mr. Nelson Mandela would meet his tragic demise before getting a chance to witness the first World Cup ever on African soil only a bus trip away from his palatial home in Bishopscourt, Cape Town. You may not agree with me on this but I truly believe it was Mandela that brought the World Cup to Africa, through his name, his symbolic status and the country he helped liberate from apartheid. And for that, we should all be grateful.

Yesterday, Mr. Nelson Mandela (as children of the soil we’re allowed to call him ‘Tata Madiba’) celebrated his 92nd birthday. It goes without question that South Africa and indeed the world at large adore and revere Madiba and have deified him to the point where the United Nations has declared July 18th “International Nelson Mandela Day”.
Understand this, the only International Days the UN has declared so far have to do with Children, Human Rights, Women, the Environment and such. So, yes, it’s a big deal for *a person*, *any person* let alone Mandela to have such an honour bestowed upon them. Gandhi, Mother Teresa, Martin Luther King and a few others (may their souls rest in peace) must be literally turning multiple shades of green envious of Madiba.

All that being said, Mandela will one day die. Don’t shoot the messenger. Just hear me out.

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Will Africa Ever Win The World Cup?

Because I couldn't find a screencap from the Ad that runs on TV. You know the one. the MTN one. Yeah. Anyway.
As it stands, none of our African teams have a guaranteed slot in the next round. In fact, most of them have a guaranteed flight home. The others are praying to go through on technicality, not performance.

All this during the World Cup we have so been waiting for. Much as it is sad and frustrating, it is also quite curious. It makes one wonder when an African man shall raise that trophy as though he were about to thrust it into the sky in elation. Worse than when, my worry is now whether or not this will ever be a reality.

Theoretically, yes. It’s just a matter of time. Statistically speaking anyway. But sometimes one has to wonder; if not now, then when? Continue reading