This Democracy Thing Requires Adult Supervision

Why do I always fear for the worst everytime I hear something has to go through Parliament?

Among the three arms of government, Parliament thumps its chest the loudest as being the one true democratic entity by the people and for the people. But that’s all on paper. In practice, the Kenyan people have lost total faith in parliament to put their selfish interests aside and speak for the people who elected them into office in 2007.

However, there’s a silver lining.

Kenyans appear to have woken up and are beginning to insist on the concretization of constitutional ideals like public participation, institutional transparency, individual and collective responsibility, meritocracy and accountability. A good example here is the on-going vetting process within the Judiciary and now the Police. Lest we forget if it wasn’t for the peoples’ insistence that the Constitution be followed to the letter, we would have had Alnashir Visram, Githu Muigai and Kioko Kilukumi as our CJ, AG and DPP respectively.
Fast forward to the present day where we appear to be headed back to the same primitive democracy of ethnicity and political horse-trading as the CIOC is expected to table tomorrow before Parliament the a report containing the confirmed nominees for the positions of CJ, DCJ and DPP.

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