Get Rich or Jump Off a Cliff

This is not your secret. Make your own!

I am always puzzled by people that constantly read motivational books. Personally, I have always regarded this eager readership somewhere between drug addicts and religious fanatics. On the one side is a junkie who cannot live without all Robert Kiyosaki’s bestsellers and on the other, a fanatic who subscribes to prosperity like a religion – (“Hi, I’m Bob and I’m a reader, who’s not yet rich”.., “Hi, Bob!!”).

DISCLAIMER: If you take offense with the way the word ‘YOU’ is used here just consider it to mean “the other guy”

Now, don’t get me wrong, knowledge is indeed power, but when do you put down that book and translate that poetic written, hard cash, hard cover ‘my-story’ knowledge into work?

I have seen high school drop-outs move out of their poor dad’s homes and become rich dads just by sweating it out in some informal business (also known as Jua Kali in Kenya) and of course, marrying a woman that can give birth. Rich+Dad = taraaa!!!

I couldn’t make it past the second chapter of a motivational book where the word ‘you’ had been used so many times, it felt like I was getting bitch slapped.

‘It is the purpose of this book to tell YOU how to get whatever YOU (yes, YOU!!!) want. Let’s get it clear: When this book says: “You,” it means YOU (yes, YOU!!!). This book is a complete success course specifically for YOU- to enable YOU to get whatever YOU want. This book is written for YOU, whoever YOU are, wherever YOU are, whatever YOUR skin colour…. THIS BOOK IS FOR YOU (yes YOU!!!)

Note to Self: Return stupid book to Ex’s mother.

You’ve got to admit; motivational books breed lethargy, kill creativity and encourage dependency. Is it so hard to get your lazy bum off that couch without a life-coach telling you how to? You actually think you are far much better living by somebody’s secret just to get richer? No wonder you’ll never write your bestseller! And what happened to creativity and discovery? What happened to finding you own path? What happened to your self-esteem?

No seriously, if 6 billion of us read that book, would we ALL be rich? C’mon, it’s time you grew a backbone. Man up! Work! And remember we’re all heading in that same direction – six feet under: no money, no house, no Botox. Just do this thing called life, and make sure it’s your life, not the other guys.