Remember E-Sir: 10 Years Later


This past Saturday marked the 10 year anniversary of E-Sir‘s passing.

The thought alone sinks my heart.

Anyone you ask who ever met the guy, whether in a studio, club, classroom or in their neighborhood will tell you the same things about him. His personality and charisma overflowed. The thing that struck me about about him was that he was confident without being overly cocky and had a certain clarity and determination that followed that confidence.

I was in high school when I first ran into that particular clique of guys he used to roll with. Continue reading

Roll Call: “StoryMoja Hay Festival 2012”

Come one, come all Kenyans who love to read, The Story Moja Festival is here again.

Actually, it started yesterday, but it will be going on until the end of the week.

If you’re like me and you are wondering what the festival is about. Well:

The Festival is a four day celebration of stories, ideas, writing and contemporary culture through storytelling, books, live discussion forums, workshops, debates, live performances, competitions, mchongoano and music. It is organized in collaboration with Storymoja, the Hay Festival (UK) and British Council. The Hay Festival held in the UK every May attracts up to 150,000 people ranging from presidents to authors to fans.

I Caroline Mutoko’d that from the StoryMoja website.

One person I asked told me, point blank, that it would quite possibly be “the biggest gathering of creative minds in Kenya sharing their stories.” That’s all I needed to hear.

The crew will definitely be at a few of these so we hope to run into you there.


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#WamathaiSept: A Recap

Here we go...

This was my first Wamathai poetry night and I wasn’t even sure whether or not I was going to attend. But after electricity failure moved it from a night I definitely couldn’t make it to a night when I had a choice; I figured the gods really wanted it to happen. So it was that I made my way to Secrets Lounge with my wife – and camera – Cammy. Continue reading

To-Do List – Erykah Badu

Didnt Cha Know.

The promiscuity double standard. We all are familiar with it. Just to break it down: men are allowed to have as many sexual partners, flings, one-night stands, mistresses, clandes, chips-funga’s as they want but if a woman does it, she’s a h… *gardening implement*.

Dont blame me, ladies. Blame society.

From an early age, women are taught how to walk, talk and behave like ladies from the way they’re supposed to sit, to the manner in which they dress, the way they eat and most importantly the way they carry themselves around men. Therefore any deviation from the standard of “being a lady” is automatically frowned upon by society. In fact, in the dating and relationship game, men are literally given carte blanche to insult, degrade, and dismiss ‘promiscuous’ ‘loose’ women. I’m not a feminist, but I dont think its right. I dont see why, in the case of a new couple for instance, the guy has more of a right to be pissed off and upset that his girlfriend has had more sexual partners than he has or more sexual encounters than he would expect her to have had.

¬†However, the reality of today’s world is that both women and men are evolving. Men, on the one hand, are not the chivalrous, alpha-male types and are more open to embracing new lifestyles and other facets of their sexuality. Women, on the other hand, are assuming a greater control over their sexual and reproductive capacities and are exerting more pressure on men and their notions of masculinity than ever before.

My proof? Erykah Badu, ofcourse.

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