Daily Dozen: 9/04

Draft: Divisive Church Aborting her Credibility [Kumekucha]
Google Voice may hit your desktop soon, as a Skype competitor [Hallelujah!]
Could Bad Branding Scupper South Africa’s World Cup? [InariMedia]
Are You Crazy Or Am I? [ShikoMsa]
Kellie’s latest ephiphany: Travel the World! [Pink Memoirs]
A Thank You Note To God [Tricia]
Does it still take a village to raise a child? [Lily]
Kenyan Blogger With A Severe Case of Jungle Fever [Wamathai]
New Constitution or the New Beer Prices? [BoyWaCampo]
The Kamba Alphabet [ButDoISay?]
A case for cross-cultural innovation [MtotoWaJirani]
Only In Kenya [UniquelyKenyan]

Bonus: A handy Kenyan news aggregator [KenyaMoja]

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Daily Dozen: 2/04

The Passion of Kenya's Katiba Mpya..

One Step Closer to A New Constitution [Daily Nation]
President Kibaki to resign and call for fresh elections [Opalo]
Zimbabwe Switches to Linden Dollars [APP]
FIFA anthem move hits sour note [News24]
Knock, Knock! Who’s there? O’Campo! [AlJazeera]
Africa’s Forever Wars [FP]
No law will stop people wanting to get high [TO]
The 7 Most Motivational Quotes Ever Spoken [DLM]
German Firm Wins Right to Make Beer Called ‘Fucking Hell’ [Spiegel]
Chris Rock’s Controversial ‘Crackers’ Video [BVX]
Lusty scientists create the perfect robotic woman [Youtube]
10 words you need to stop misspelling [Oatmeal]

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