Africa, Its Our Time to Shine.

Hi, I’m NV
and I am an African;
I owe my being to Genus Kenyapithecus (google it), the cradle of human kind, inseparable to the end.
Like Little foot, will not be defeated without encore and standing ovation.

I owe my being to the dusty plains of the Serengeti, the trans frontier parks the trees, the earth, the the rain forest, the rivers, the caves and seas of this beloved continent.

I am stronger than the mighty Zambezi longer than the Nile;
I am the son of the slaves who build the wealth of this planet, north and south and east,
the migrant workers shedding the last sweat in mines and farms, displaced in foreign land but resilient to the end.

I am the Black Stars of Ghana, a symbol of African emancipation and unity in the struggle against colonialism and injustices, I listen to the elders and embrace forgiveness;

I am the Rainbow Boys, Bafana Bafana of South Africa, uniting the nation re kindling the light of hope.

I am the Waza, where the Indomitable Lions of Cameroon, king of the jungle roam, so watch out guys;

I am the Gashaka-Gumti, the Cross river where the Super Eagles of Nigeria with binoculous eyes patrol the field ready to pounce

Resilience, devious, defensive, camouflaged and territorial, I am the Desert Fox of Algeria.

The Living Africa, where the Elephants of Cote D’lvoire (Ivory Coast) roam freely opponents afraid to approach.

I am an African, I am the beat of the Jembe drum;
I am the sound of the Vuvuzela echoeing under the African Sky;
Fifa world cup football uniting everyone, where it all began.

The African National soccer teams in the FIFA World Cup

1. Bafana Bafana, South Africa.
2. The Black Stars of Ghana.
3. Indomitable Lions of Cameroon.
4. Super Eagles of Nigeria.
5. Desert Fox of Algeria.
6. The Elephants of Ivory Coast.

Show dem guys show dem, dont give up without encore and standing ovations. Show dem how we do it in Africa.


I am waving mine, in support of all the African teams!

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Did You Have To Do It, Nike? Thoughts on The Tiger Woods Ad

Tiger doesnt utter a single word, yet this advertisement has generated so much controversy since it’s release. In fact everyone I came into contact with today seemed to have something to say about the ad.

Here’s what a few of those people had to say:

My mother said: “Filthy man! Look at those lips – God knows where they’ve been!”

My Weed guy pharmacist said: “For some reason after Earl says “what you where thinking” i thought Tiger was going to say: ‘Just Do It.’ …. does that make me a bad person?”

My favourite blogger said: “I swear, this sh*t creeped me out when I saw it last night. Nike is going to some strange places to sell sneakers lol.”

My favourite blogger’s favourite blogger said: “Maybe this was Nike calling in a big “you owe us” for sticking through when all the other endorsement deals fell through.”

My class-mate said: “Wow. So his dead father (who was a bigger philanderer than Tiger himself) is lecturing him… Creepy and creepy”

My nosy ass next-door neighbour said: “The commercial is great in that it did what they intended.. Deliver a serious message, through a great concept in order to create a slight buzz. CLEARLY tiger loved his father, CLEARLY he would have thought this through before ‘OKing’ the ad.”

My Pastor said: “The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong.” ~ Mahatma Gandhi

My ex-girlfriend: “Great ad ! GO GET EM TIGER !!!”

My current girlfriend said: “Way to go Nike, capitalize on Tiger’s dead father. Tiger approving of the advertisement further shows his moral fiber.”

My white “buddy” said: “I’m not envious of his billions, I’m not self-loathing or racist either, I just hate this guy.”

After all this, you’re probably wondering what I have to say? Well, what Tiger does off the golf course was really none of our business to begin with, now that he’s back to playing golf, we all need to move on and leave the man be. That being said, if I had a time-machine I would definitely go back in time and pitch this idea to Kanye West‘s people. I’m sure Donda West (rest her soul) would have had alot to more say to her son about being ‘great’. I’m just sayin’.