Atypical Tuesday: “Kids Know Why You’re Naked”

Adam And Eve

This is the latest installment of “Atypical Tuesday”; random stories that have become a regular feature because…well, you asked for it. Enjoy.

Last Tuesday morning, I reminisced on the nudist freedoms that Adam and Eve had enjoyed with envy as I got dressed for a series of big meetings. Vest, shirt, tie, sweater, slacks, socks, shoes, coat. Toothbrush, comb, cologne, nail cutter.


Clothed and groomed, I depart. As I exit the complex, a nice lady in a linen gown and petticoat asked me if I would be so kind to escort her offspring to his bus stop in town, seeing as she was ‘running late’. I didn’t think it responsible at all to let a child go to school alone, but I thought it even more irresponsible to entrust me with a mini-person. Continue reading