Of Still Waters & Single Parenthood

A while back, I wrote about the neighbour kid. She scored 357 in KCPE and voluntarily decided to rewind. I should mention that some months back, she asked me to teach her about computers. Once I opened Word and started to explain how it works, she quickly said she just wanted Facebook. I saw no harm in it and opened accounts for her and her little sister. They used fake names, fake ages, and profile photos of Nicki Minaj and Lil Wayne. I was a bit uneasy about that, but as long as they Facebooked in my house, on my terms, and on my friends’ list, I could keep an eye on them. Plus, they’re not my kids.

Of course, my own Princess wanted an account too. I allowed it, but insisted she use her own name and picture [despite violent tantrums], and I have the thing locked down so tight that she can’t do much without me knowing. On the upside, she trusts me with her password, asks me before she friends anyone, and lets me check messages on her behalf. She Facebooks more than me, and her uncles often send me messages through her, so there are lots of loving people watching her. The day I try to log in and fail, it will be time for a serious talk.

Back to the neighbour kid. Two days ago, she came over and asked if she could Facebook and I refused. Continue reading

“PG-13” – A Case Against Children, Weddings & TV


Shocked Baby

I don’t like kids. I’m sorry. I don’t. Okay I’m not really sorry. But it sounds more politically correct to claim that I am. Not to say that I hate everyone who continues to (unceasingly) propagate their lineage. It’s your choice if you enjoy not being able to sleep for the next 18 years of your life. *shrug* But that’s another post. That maybe, one day, I’ll write when I don’t feel like being lynched by women everywhere. Couple of guys, too. Because really, who WANTS to be lynched? There’s a thin line between masochism and stupidity. Continue reading