When Kenyans Discovered Sex

Godfather Urinal

I was at a urinal the other relieving my bladder of their day’s duty when I noticed that the guy 2 pots down from me was yapping on his cellphone.

Now, I know it goes against bathroom etiquette to do so much as pay attention to any other guy – especially at a urinal – but it’s the combination of who it was and what it said that caught my ear.

For fear of lawsuit, I’ll just say that it’s someone relatively famous, substantially older, that you see on TV quite a bit. He is definitely married and I think I schooled with one of his kids almost a decade ago. Yes, that old.

What did he say? Well, he said “So what time do you get out of school?”

This would not have been alarming were it not for what immediately followed.

“..and what time did you tell your parents you’re going home?…Good, then we have [enough] time.” Continue reading