Badvertising Vol 2: Five Reasons to “Do Milk”

There’s this brilliant new Kenyan ad that’s been on air for a little over a week now that’s making waves.

Sorry. Wrong ad.

I meant this one.

Now I know what you’re thinking. “Evian did the baby thing like 3 years ago, and it went viral and was widely recognized: why would a Kenyan agency copy them so blatantly?”

Stop thinking that. Nobody copied anyone, OK? This is an innovative idea from the finest Kenyan agency out there. Continue reading

Demystifying Copyright and Intellectual Property in Kenya

Note: Poets and Writers Online (POWO) is a forum for Poets and Writers that seeks to encourage Kenyan Creative writers to exploit the various opportunities presented by their internet for promotion of their writing.

On Saturday July 16th 2011, the Poets and Writers Online (POWO) organised a meet-up hosted at *iHub_ Nairobi’s Innovation Hub. The theme of this meet-up was: Copyright, Intellectual Property (IP) and Plagiarism.

Here at DR, we are no longer surprised when we receive email forwards containing copy/pasted versions of our blogposts, in fact we look at it as a challenge to keep coming up with more and more enjoyable pieces that can be shared. HOWEVER, this does not in any way mean that we condone plagiarism.
As diasporadicalists (that means you readers) know, we’ve had cases of posts being published in the media without our prior consent or knowledge – and quite understandably, WE WERE PISSED!

So, #POWOJuly was a must-attend event for us and I thank Karimi for the invite. Here’s my brief recap of the salient areas discussed with some comments and observations.

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Dear Desperate Journalists….

If imitation is the best form of flattery, then I guess we’re doing pretty well.

Every few days I stumble across something we wrote, word for word, with somebody else’s name on it. Mostly it’s Facebook notes and chain emails and cutesy adorable nonsense like people using our pictures without credit or something. And that’s kinda alright. I mean, if this were the US, I’d probably sue, but we’re in Kenya. Hakuna Matata and such.

But woe be you media houses who descendeth amongst our ranks and pick off our posts like we are slaves in the fields. I’m normally really calm and cool about this type of thing but your plagiarizing ways are getting out of pocket.

First, I heard about some random posts(plural) showing up in some newspapers and magazines earlier this year Continue reading