#KiberaRoadTrip: Be Part of The Solution

It all started with Trey Songz’ tweeting one fateful morning.

The backlash was ridiculous. People immediately assumed the worst,took this as an attack on Kenya and retaliated accordingly. There’s no need to point out how fallacious that logic is. That horse is long dead and has been beaten to no end.

As our brother from another blogger, Archer, was on radio that afternoon, he said that maybe people needed to actually stop screaming at Trey and start redirecting their efforts towards bettering their community. He explained that he himself hadn’t been to Kibera, at which point I suggested that I’d gladly take him there and show him some of the things we can effortlessly do to help. The idea caught on and, with the help of @AKenyanGirl and @VisionAfrica we were able to plan out the first of what will hopefully be many trips to Kibera to come.

The name may be a misleading misnomer; the aim is not to tour the slums. What we want to do is to help people direct their efforts exactly where they are needed, to pair each person with a suitable cause so that we can all make a contribution towards bettering life in Kibera. Continue reading

Daily Dozen: 24/01

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“Poorism” = Poverty + Tourism

Uhm, yes, and I’ll have one of those handmade African bracelet thingies, a kitenge and half a conscience. Takeaway, please.

Providence fate entropy Popular genetics has decreed that I will never be the most interesting conversationalist within a three-mile radius. (Damn you, extra-chromosomal DNA. I shall have my revenge. Cc: Stewie Griffin) It was always often with a generous dash of schadenfreude, therefore, that I prepared to receive the news of some stranger’s conversational faux pas.

She was still fuming, nearly a week later. ‘Can you imagine—?’

‘—I’m sure I can,’ said I.

So she got into it right away. She was at this joint being the well-spoken, well-dressed, even-tempered MAW that she’s always been. There was this good-looking tourist with a seven o’clock shadow.

‘Wait,’ I cut in. ‘How did you know he was a tourist?’ Continue reading

The No.1 Problem With The Youth In Kenya


I’ve walked up to a lot of people – I’d say hundreds – and asked them the following question.

“If I gave you a blank cheque, right now, and told you you would get whatever amount you put on it, what would you write?”

The shallower younger ones made up numbers(a ‘gajillion’ might have been the most popular). The overthinkers rationalized and asked what the limits were. The moderate intellects thought about it and then came up with a number in some foreign currency. The people who wanted to seem smart asked me what I would write on it. But you know what the large majority said?

“I don’t know.”

And therein lies the issue with the way we think. It’s not the lack of ability or talent; resource or opportunity; it’s a seeming lack of ambition and direction. Continue reading


not Runda...

Nothing beats a hang-over killing session at Ole Polo’s ( I know I said the same thing about Carni but am like a Kenyan MP-lets jus say I was misquoted). It’s my usual crew-all the boyz plus Pete’s funga from last night, the brother couldn’t get rid of her in the morning — am sure jamaz out there will have had the conversation before:

Boy: (getting outta bed) What’s YOUR plan for leo?

Girl: (looking a bit too comfortable in his bed)ah, nothing much, what do you have planned for us leo?

Boy: (planned for us????) … er er er er actually my granny’s sick in the hosi so am gonna go see her (hoping she falls for that) …

But Pete didn’t manage to shake her off so she’s part of the crew today (I wouldn’t be surprised if she ‘forgot’ one of her earrings at his crib…). As we down the booze and manga some nyam chom in the sun the topic shifts from the analysis of jana nite to the recent spate of kidnappings. It’s a no-brainer, it’s sick and unfair… and those kidnappers deserve the death penalty. But we’re all still hangover and now on the way to getting tipsy again so some of the boyz decide to offer an alternative view.

Before they can go far we point out the obvious…the mental anguish on the kidnapped person and their family (and friends), not to mention the risk of physical abuse on the kidnapped person must be unbearable. But they point out that the kidnappers probably have good reasons for resorting to kidnapping innocent Nairobians.

Good reasons????

Continue reading