5 Questions on International Women’s Day

Here are the five questions:

1. Instead of asking whether Kenya is ready for a woman president or not, shouldnt we be asking what kind of woman presidential candidate do we want? Do we want Martha Karua? or perhaps do we prefer someone else?

2. Why havent any Kenyan female politicians come out openly to support the only female presidential candidate running? Is iCon
right in saying that women hate to see other women succeed?

3. Do other women have deep-seated questions about ‘Feminism’ or is it just DR Crew member, Davina?

4. Will there ever be a time in Kenya where we have a First Lady who is ambitious and driven enough to break the patriarchal
cycle of political dynasties by vying for public office in her own right a la Janet Museveni or Hillary Clinton?

5. When will Kenya finally come up with a way of formally recognising all the heroines of this country?
Isn’t Wangari Maathai proof enough that successful women in Kenya are not rewarded or recognised by their own government for their national and international accomplishments?

Any takers? Let’s talk.