They Rape You Because They Fear You

A teenage girl is jogging in her neighbourhood. A car starts following her. The car is full of boys. This is not the beginning of some day-time movie. This is something that happened just a few days ago.

Teenage jogger

How do you suppose that scenario turned out? If it was a movie, it wouldn’t be pretty. In regular life, the girl probably got intimidated and stopped jogging, which messes her health routine, and does a lot of damage to her mind. Those boys may not have said a word, or even laid a hand on her, but can you imagine what was going through her head, and what those thoughts are still doing to her? Now, reverse the roles for a second. Imagine it was a (teenage) guy jogging, and being followed around by a car full of girls. I doubt he’d be unhappy about it, let alone traumatised …

I’m not a bra-burning feminist. I quite like my bras actually. They’re comfy and fluffy and just a tad pricey. That said, I’m the single mother of a feisty, gorgeous, pre-teenage baby girl. I also live in hoodies and jeans, and wear my hair in short purple dreadlocks, so women’s lib comes up around me a lot. Plus, I have first hand experience with rape, so it’s a big issue for me.

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Conjugal Visits, Illegal Homosexuality & Voyeurism

With government officials stepping aside, stepping down, stepping on each others toes…and really doing every form of stepping short of two-stepping and stepping in the name of love, there’s another group of crooks looking to make steps forward. These are the crooks that we actually caught and they don’t want to get away with their crimes. They just want to get laid. Ever since the New Constitution came to be, there’s been a new thrust in the motion to let these guys and gals bang in the slammer(pun at your own risk). But is this really such an illogical provision? Continue reading

Why My Daughters Will Never Go To Boarding School

Today, I decided to walk to town because it’s healthier (i.e. no money for petrol) and somehow ended up having a conversation with statutory rapists after being hit on by a school girl.

I will not be naughty schoolgirl

OK, so this is what happened. I was walking through one of those areas with a lot of boarding schools in it when I noticed a taxi that was essentially parked in the middle of the road. As I walked towards it – because there was really no place else to go -, an elderly gentleman hopped out and raised his hand as he marched in my direction.

Now, I have no qualms with kicking old ass – quite the contrary in fact, I just need to be provoked. In my mind, an old guy running towards me with a raised arm is just enough cause to draw out the fisticuffs. But alas, he came in peace speaking in the most proper English, correct register and British accent to match.

“Young man, could you kindly direct me to {beep} School. My daughter is unwell and I’ve come to take her home.”
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Daily Dozen: 12/04

Gravity. Always. Wins.

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