Daily Dozen: 03/19

TGIMFF. Week’s almost over. We’re about to go home, put on a silly hat, old t-shirts and some house slippers and watch basketball all weekend. March Madness, baby.
Five for Friday comin up later in the afternoon.

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Begging in Kenya & The Art of Story-Telling: My Answer is Still No.

Me hungry long time..

Is it just me or has the number of beggars including human-waste-wielding streetkids asking for money dramatically reduced in and around the CBD? Ok, I know I’ve been out of the country for long but still I’m sure a lot of you would agree with me that most of the streetkids, that would literally follow you around town begging for change, have significantly reduced. But it seems something else has taken their place. Something that I am having a lot of problems fathoming let alone accepting: I call it: ‘story-telling’.

Lemme try and explain this using the following three scenarios, all of which have happened to me this month alone:

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