Bankers: Robbers or Businessmen, or both?

There was a story in the press a few weeks back about [well I don’t know how to describe him but here goes] a English fella who was knighted some years ago for his services to the banking industry. He was a former CEO of one of the biggest banks in the UK and had worked in banking prior to that (since like ’95) but the funny thing is that he applied for a super-injunction in a British court to prevent the press from referring to him as a b*nker… no s**t, like really? Clearly since the global financial crisis, that was mostly blamed on the b*nkers, it seems that it’s a bit unfashionable in the West to proclaim oneself as a b*nker.

Over here, methinks it’s still a respectable profession and the institutions themselves are highly regarded. Be that as it may, there are a few tendencies by our banks that are straight up unfair.

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