When The Elderly Need A Spanking

Old woman fight

The Nation TV News Broadcast on Saturday night began with a scene of old ladies getting teargassed during a peaceful protest in Riuru. There was a lot of talk of “shame” and “horror” as though the act of opposing old women on a warpath was condemnable by death.

Oh no, don’t get me wrong. I don’t think anyone should go around kicking vintage asses just to make a point. Especially this particular group that appeared to be so entirely innocent. I do however sometimes question just how innocent the elderly are. You see, my greatest concern is that they have immunity – Carte Blanche, even – by to do whatever they want without repercussion, virtue of their age. And I think they know this…

Case in point, last week I found out that Devil does not wear Prada; unless Prada was the name of the dead animal this particular bag of bones was wearing. Continue reading