#FUMP: Sam Ongeri Thinks Bloggers are Misleading Kenyans

Last night, Sam Ongeri decided to take on bloggers and let us know that we were wrongfully inciting Kenyans on Twitter to insult their leaders and further inform us that we could be legally dealt with.

I wasn’t online to see it, but quite a few people informed us because we’d printed some t-shirts earlier in the week expressing our displeasure with MPs and their greed. Thank you all.

As for you, Mr. Ongeri, a few things:

1. I refuse to call a man ‘Professor’ if he cannot distinguish between “they’re”, “there” and “their”. It is pre-primary grammar, Mr. Ongeri.

2. I refuse to call a man a leader if he cannot lead. At best, MPs are representatives. In fact, they’re our employees.

3. I refuse to call a man, Minister or otherwise, ‘Honorable’, if he is not honorable.

4. How dare you talk about misleading, Mr. Ongeri? How dare you talk about leadership? Continue reading

Team Anna’s Hunger for Zero Corruption Should Inspire Kenyans

Today, August 25th 2011 marks the TENTH day of a hunger strike by an Indian man Mr. Anna Hazare.
Anna, as he is commonly known, is a 74 YEAR OLD anti-corruption activist who wants India’s Parliament to pass a new proposed law creating an independent anti-corruption agency called Jan Lokpal. Anna and his supporters want the proposed anti-corruption agency to have investigation and prosecutorial powers over every level and branch of government. Meanwhile, the government of India adamantly opposes this move and want to restrict Jan Lokpal to merely making recommendations, and to exempt judges, parliamentarians, and the Prime Minister. Anna, who is already being likened to Mahatma Gandhi was arrested prior to his hunger strike and presently he commands a large following of protesters mostly middle class indians who lament the rampant levels of corruption within the Indian government.

My fellow Indians, you are not alone in this war on graft. Here in Kenya too, we seem to be fighting the seemingly unwinnable war on corruption.

However, unlike in India, Kenya has a Bill pending before Parliament called the Independent Ethics and Anti-Corruption Bill, 2011 (IEACB) which proposes to replace the current Kenya Anti Corruption Commission (KACC) with a new Commission with full prosecutorial powers.

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