Of Heaven, Better Places and Faith…

Today, I woke up to a phone call informing me that a friend’s mother had passed away.

It’s never easy handling the news that anyone you know is now gone; less so before breakfast. There’s this desperate reflex clichĂ© grasp at hope that usually invites us to think that he/she is in a ‘better place’. And while I’d like to believe it, I cannot reason it out. I’m extremely religious and believe but I’m also extremely logical and fail to understand it.

How can ‘Heaven’ or this ‘better place’ be applicable in all contexts – let alone any context – in such a way that we can properly comprehend it? Continue reading

“Are You Saved?”

I couldn’t quite hear what she was saying from my office so I walked out and closer to her cubicle to get a cleaner ear on it.

“I’m sorry what?” I replied.
“I said: Are you saved?” She repeated.


Let me explain why I have a problem with that question. In case you’re just tuning in – which you are – my coworker, had decided that it was now relevant – no, imperative – to explore the depth of my religious proclivities and dedications. There are several things obscenely wrong with this, in my unhumble opinion. Continue reading