Kaka’s Red Card Vs. Fabiano’s Handball


What could’ve been one of the best games in the World Cup thus far turned into a sloppy display of wasted talent, false sportsmanship and bad officiating.

At the beginning of the match, I was supporting Les Elephants but by the end of it, I couldn’t decide who I hated more between them and the referee. I’ve made no secret of my disgust with them or the game. But it’s really hard to tell when exactly it all began to go wrong.

I think it all started with Brazil scoring. To be perfectly fair, it was no secret that Brazil was going to hit the back of the net, the question was really “How many times?” Anyhow, as soon as the first goal went in, everybody began going crazy. The vuvuzelas got louder and the antics hit hyperdrive. And that’s where the sh** and the fan collided. Continue reading

I Guess This is Hate-Speech….

Any politician currently in a government office that is not spending all their time and effort to permanently eradicate corruption is a complete waste of oxygen.

F The Government

Oh, hello there reader. I was just talking about how much I disliked and lacked respect for all those elected and nominated officials who’d much rather make their pockets than their country grow – you know, pretty much all of them. The same ones, ironically, concerned with “hate speech”. Continue reading

STOP ACTING RETARDED Part 1: Social Media & Communication

I’m a relatively peaceful guy, I swear I am. But there are few things in this world that I just flat out will not tolerate any adult doing in my presence or in my general direction. Things that invoke the wrath of the Krakken from the depths of my spirit’s Hell. For example.

U shld nt snd me txt/sms Tht lukz lk ths f ur nt 15 yrs old,or srsly RETARDED! kthxbai

Especially if it’s business/work related.

Jesus Christ, what did vowels ever do to you? Was grammar your childhood nemesis? Or is this just another failed attempt at rekindling your youth? Continue reading