10 Even More Useless Cars

Remember this list of cars more useless than a Vitz? I had mentioned that there were more cars that were also pretty horrid that I’d forgotten to name and shame so here they are. Starting with the one that should’ve topped the previous list: Continue reading

10 Ridiculous Rides That Should Be In Nairobi

The other day I was speed walking through Hurlingham when I saw that notorious Aston Martin DB9 that some clown paid 25 million Kenyan coins for. I stopped and stared and shook my head.
Kenya is littered with nonsensical vehicles, most of which are just cheap and/or ugly, but some go to the other extreme. There are numerous ridiculous automotive displays of wealth littering this impoverished city; from the 50million shilling Bentley GT Coupe to pretty much every car at the Concours d’Elegance that wasn’t for sale. One has to wonder why anyone would drive a car that sits so close to the ground in a country riddled with oversized bumps, potholes and matatu drivers. As far as practicality goes, none exists in the case of these cars.

While I don’t approve of people wasting buckets of money on purposelessness and ostentatious displays of opulence, I am a car enthusiast and do unfortunately ascribe to the sad bumper sticker wisdom that he who dies with the most toys wins. That said, if I were to squander Fort Knox’s holdings on a vehicle just for the heck of it, it’d probably be one of the ones below. Continue reading