Daily Dozen: 06/12


Did Davis Deserve to Win Tusker Project Fame? [Shamless Plug]
So Ms. Wangari Maathai, has modern environmentalism lost its spiritual core? [TIME]
Ababu Namwamba’s brilliant piece on the ‘Second Republic’ in Kenya [DN]
Thabo “There’s No Crisis in Zimbabwe” Mbeki arrives in Cote d’Ivoire to mediate Presidential Stand-off [BBC]
God-Fearing Kalonzo, Ruto Unite to Expose Raila [KumeKucha]
President Yoweri Museveni’ s rap with lyrics [YouTube]
‘Find Me Tall, Slim Wife’ says Botswana President [Telegraph]
Hey Euro, we need to talk. It’s not me, its you! [Economist]
7 Zimbabwean women, arrested and charged with indecent exposure, for wearing..what for it.. leggings! [EyeWitness]
Your wifey’s favourite blogger talks about…what else..”Women” [BikoZulu]
Sarah Palin’s ‘dangerous’ new book. Yes, she cant read but she can write. Apparently. [SG]
A beautiful act of solidarity by Palestine in the aid of Israel [France24]

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Tusker Project Fail: “If Amileena Does Not Win…”

Hello Fellow Kenyans.

Since I first watched Tusker Project Fame 4 last week and penned a few innocent thoughts on this matter, I’ve received hate mail, death threats and what seems like an informal stripping of my African badge for saying that these contestants were not the best Eastern Africa had to offer. Apparently, round these parts, it is taboo to set the bar higher.

So what I’ve done, is I’ve taken all your collective advice and brought myself up to speed on TPF4. Yes, I subjected myself to the listening and watching and listening and watching. YouTube, Megavideo and even Citizen TV. Oh yes. Here at DR, we take your feedback seriously. So today, I come to you with an informed, less preachy point of view.

First, regarding my views/opinions last week Continue reading

Tusker Project Fail – Season Fault

Kenya is an interestingly oxymoronic country. Our brightest political minds will never hear their footsteps echo down the halls of parliament. Our greatest athletes will never don the jerseys and cleats or step on the fields and arenas to represent us. Our brightest minds went abroad to mint money off their wit and even after being proven brilliant, we still don’t fight to get them back. And it’s even worse for the right-brained crowd. Our most creative are the equivalent of underground rappers; a tightknit community of freelancing jobless geniuses who either struggle to survive, give up their dream or dish out gold for free online, hoping someone sees their worth…in a country where only 8.6% of the population have access to the internet. Point blank, you have to hustle or subscribe. This is a nation notorious for denying people without nepotist access or ass kissing lips, the opportunity to ever amount to anything.

The same goes for the large majority of the continent. For this reason, I strongly applaud open-mic sessions and the concept behind things like Project Fame. What’s better than giving people a chance to be heard? It’s not just philanthropic, it restores balance to an otherwise corrupted system…if done correctly.

What Tusker Project Fame is doing however, makes my insides gargle sick. Continue reading