Wamathai Spoken Word is upon us yet again. New venue but it still promises to be a great event; aside from the amazing line up, history has proven that this is the ultimate event to meet tweeps, bloggers and brilliant minds alike. We’ll be in the building. You should too. It’s only 200/= for a priceless experience; invest wisely. More info: Continue reading

TONIGHT: Art For A Cause – Cerebral Palsy

Come out tonight and support Poets With A Difference in this fundraiser for Children with Cerebral Palsy. Great performances + great cause = great way to spend your Thursday evening.

iCon and his loyal little camera will be in the building.

For more information, check out the poster and Wamathai’s blog.

Tell a friend to smell a friend and bring them both.

The Kenyan Government & The WFP Feuds as People Eat Dogs


There was a story in the news recently where a woman in Turkana Central in Northern Kenya slaughtered and cooked the family pet, a dog, for her family because she had nothing else to give them. I think that the cameraman who filmed the whole thing, from the cooking to the eating, is very strong given that the eating of such things are a taboo in Kenya but I guess that’s the sacrifice he had to make to bring the story to us. Continue reading

#WamathaiSept: A Recap

Here we go...

This was my first Wamathai poetry night and I wasn’t even sure whether or not I was going to attend. But after electricity failure moved it from a night I definitely couldn’t make it to a night when I had a choice; I figured the gods really wanted it to happen. So it was that I made my way to Secrets Lounge with my wife – and camera – Cammy. Continue reading