Badvertising Vol 2: Five Reasons to “Do Milk”

There’s this brilliant new Kenyan ad that’s been on air for a little over a week now that’s making waves.

Sorry. Wrong ad.

I meant this one.

Now I know what you’re thinking. “Evian did the baby thing like 3 years ago, and it went viral and was widely recognized: why would a Kenyan agency copy them so blatantly?”

Stop thinking that. Nobody copied anyone, OK? This is an innovative idea from the finest Kenyan agency out there. Continue reading

Water For Life, Water For All



Water is recognised as a “basic human right” needed to for survival. It is estimated that there is approximately 1.4 billion km3 of water on this plant. Of this total volume, only 2.5 percent (or 35 million km3) is fresh water. So for a population of 6 billion people, we only have 2.5% available for use – and this use includes industrial, domestic and agricultural usage. Agricultural usage accounts for 80% of the global consumption.

The Human Development Report presents this concept perfectly: if roughly 98% of our planet is comprised of saltwater. If we theoretically put this water into a bucket, only a teaspoon of this body of water would be drinkable. 6 billion people – 1 teaspoon. Continue reading