“Money Cant Buy Love”- Manchester City’s Struggles

Last week must have been a very disappointing one for the owners of Manchester City who got a taste of some very bitter medicine. They must be wondering whether all the money they have can really afford them the love they so desperately want and the silverware they so desperately need. What looked like an easy week on paper proved to be somewhat difficult for them. They lost to Manchester United in the battle to sign Wayne Rooney whom many believed was destined to depart from old Trafford. To add insult to injury they lost to a relatively erratic performing Arsenal over the weekend. For some reason the expensively assembled squad still is showing no signs of gelling together. Continue reading

The Wayne Rooney Saga

Last week and part of this week has seen some drama come alive at “Old Trafford” aka the “Theatre of dreams”. One of their prized and valuable possessions – Wayne Rooney – has decided that he no longer wants to be part of the Manchester United family.

Apparently Continue reading

Sex Manic Rooney

Over the past few days the press has done what they do best; exposing evils committed in our society.

Although I am a Chelsea fan, I do appreciate talent and skill when I see it. So I must say it came to me as a shocker when I read that Wayne Rooney had committed the ultimate sin for a married man – inviting vice girl Jenny Thompson back to his family home for sex. Every married/committed man cheats at some point, so what’s the big deal? According to some of my female friends “paying a girl to have sex with you is one thing. Paying a girl to come back to your marital home when you’re pregnant missus is out is taking it a step too far”.

Many ladies out there believe that he showed no emotion nor spared any for his dear wife. Being a democratic society that we are in they are entitled to the opinions and views.

Anyone who saw his wedding to Coleen in 2008 and in particular when WR was making his speech would never think that a year later would he take up his dangerous liaison with this overpriced (£1,200 or Ksh150,470.13….per session) hooker, Jenny.

By Nairobi standards that is some good money. I wonder how much our AfC, Gor and Sofapaka stars would pay for a hooker at K-street. I’m sure those hookers would take the chance to bone Roon if the chance presented itself; and if not for the fame, for the money.

Please let it be known I don’t support prostitution, or infidelity. Trust in any relationship is important but especially so when you’re in the spotlight. Its very unfortunate that Wayne Rooney was caught up in all this, i must say this kid has talent, although he can not match Messi and others he is a star in his own way. The media should give him a break and eff off after all there are married men ot there who have done worse, once again I am in no way defending him or his actions.

World Cup: The Worst Eleven

FIFA introduced the brand new ball known as the Jabulani; as a result many a goalkeeper was Jabulani-ed in South Africa. Sometimes, however, that was no excuse. At the same time there is a difference between a Rookie and a Pro. Where Part 1 focused on the players who excelled, Part 2 will focus on the players who were pathetic, and did not deserve to represent their nations. Continue reading