Daily Dozen: 12/01

Contenders for Chief Justice and President of the Supreme Court [KenyanJurist]
Proof that Moi ruled Kenya for 24 years while semi-literate [DN]
On the rise of Women [TEDtalks]
“Southern Sudan and Convenient Patriotism” [Very Interesting]
Gabrielle Giffords’ Shooting: The Impact on Obama’s Presidency [TIME]
Has the Church Failed Us? [AfricaUnchained]
The Five Things About A Wedding Men Care About [UIGM]
The 41 Places to Go in 2011 [NYT]
What FIFA mean by awarding Messi is that winning the World Cup is worth nothing. [Guardian]
CSI Tamasha [Milonare]
The Misconception & The Truth About Procrastination [Some Blogger]
Google Reveals Its 2011 YouTube Symphony Orchestra, Vuvuzela’s Included [FC]

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Daily Dozen 09/12


Dear Obama, you’re too good for American politics. It’s not so much racism as it is anti-intellectualism [HuffPost]
“Wheels Slowly Coming off The Hague Express” [Kumekucha]
China: Richer, stronger, and now officially smarter than the rest of the world [TIME]
Political impasse or constitutional crisis: Law Society of Kenya’s Options [KenyanJurist]
Wikileaks reveals interesting stuff on Kenyan-Somali relations [KenOpalo]
Woman supposedly ‘raped’ by Assange has CIA ties. Kinky [RawStory]
“An End to Slums” [AfricaOnTheBlog]
“Emancipate Yourself From Mental Slavery” [Wamathai]
“By The Powers vested In Me” [ActurialOutlook]
“TPF4 Trivialities” [Sylkwan]
Even in crime-plagued South Africa, this stood out as a tragedy [BBC]
“Taveta Weddings” [Sheeremix]

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Of Societal Obligations



With age comes wedding committees. Now there’s a valuable adage my mother forgot to tell me. This could prove to be problematic, seeing as I don’t particularly enjoy weddings. I mean, yeah, the dancing is cool, and maybe the groomsmen will be cute, but it’s just really tiring at the end of the day. Kinda like a funeral. Sorry. (In my defense, in the olden days, black was worn to weddings and white to funerals. There must have been a reason, right? One saying you poor sucker and the other you lucky bugger. Go figure.)

The reasons I don’t like weddings vary in their intensity and depth. Continue reading

Kindly Finance Your Stupid Wedding?

My inbox is full with text messages of friends and family asking me to join their wedding committees. I even got one from my ex. (Jesus!)

I’m not quite sure what happens in other countries, but in Kenya, when someone asks you to be part of their wedding committee, it is never to play an advisory role. Were your siblings and friends just honest enough, they’d probably say, “Hey! I’m demanding Ksh.800,000 from you to make my chic happy for one day.”

Now, I would understand if we were raising funds to assist a loved one with their medical expenses, or to give them a dignified send-off once they pass away. It’s even better when we pool our meager resources to pay school fees for an orphan.

But for a wedding?! Seriously? When did that become a need?

Some may argue that it all boils down to culture. ‘We’ve always done it this way. Africa is a communal society. A woman doesn’t just get married to her husband, she get’s married to her husband’s community as well. I say that’s bullshit. Marriage is about two people. When they wed, when they make love, when they make babies, when they fight and when they break up, it’s just the two of them. Even in a polygamous marriages, it’s about two people. Ask Jacob Zuma and while you’re at it, read your Bible, Genesis something something all the way to Revelation. You won’t miss it.

What you might miss is my take on weddings, wedding committees and inflated wedding budgets.

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Motion to ban the Wedding Show…

All in favour of the motion say Ayeeeeeeeeee

The scene is Black D’s, around the table are 2 of my boyz-we’re all sipping on ice cold Tuskers enjoying the late afternoon Westie breeze Black D’s is cool until around 9 when the sl*ts come in to look for old jungu men. We all have our excuses and alibis for our girlfriends so they won’t be bothering us tonight. In the middle of our conversation we are interrupted by the arrival of my boyz’ dates. Both are campus chicks. One was drop dead hot, she was like Halle Berry but with a**. The other one was er … well, let’s just say she had a nice personality. My date is running late and am regretting telling my gf to stay home but before I could even think of calling her my date arrives, she’s my Best Friend-we’ve been best friends for like a year now she’s hot, best friends are always hot. It’s now a full house and the conversation moves from work to the constitutional review then the health care bill (now Act) before my boy Tony brings up marriage.

Insanity follows. The girls happily start narrating their dream weddings. The usual stuff “…me I want…then I want…then I want…” My boyz n I have heard it all before so our minds block out all the chatter as we get reacquainted with our beers and start guzzling them, plus happy hour is almost over so we need to order more pints quickly (keep in mind that these are proper Nai chips chicks so we all know they aint payin for sh*t all night: up to and including cab fare, kenchick or even those Westie mayayis). As the waiter brings the half-crate our attention returns to the ladies, Nice Personality swears that she can’t arrive at her wedding in a Benz on her wedding day. She goes: “I want a chariot, with six white horses just like the ones I saw on wedding show.”

“What the f!! Girl is you crazy”—(shucks, I said that out loud). But even that doesn’t stop her. She goes on to describe how she wanted a beach wedding or at the very least Windsor Hotel.

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