#WamathaiOct: “A Recap”

Secrets Lounge

Just a quick wrap-up of the event, albeit a late one.

Last Thursday at about 7pm, Twitter momentarily crashed when a hoard of tweeple left their online existences and gathered at Secrets Lounge for Wamathai Spoken Word – October Edition; better known as #WamathaiOct.

This wasn’t any less impressive or dazzling than the last one. Quite the contrary, actually. More performances, more music, more people. I cannot stress the last part enough. @-signs and pseudonyms were flooding the rooms, internet celebrities descendeth from their Twrones to dwell amongst us.

But I digress. The performances were a colorful palette of artistic expression: Zosi & Co. didn’t just open up the night, they kicked the door off it’s hinges and barged in. MA3 & The Band were a pleasant surprise for all those who hadn’t heard their music. The poetry was on point, ranging from hilarious depictions of harsh realities to profound reflections on inner turmoils. There was even a comedy set that had most of the crowd clutching their ribs in laughter. All in all, excellent stuff, awesomely coordinated by Kenya’s Pied Piper of Poetry, Wamathai and hosted by songstress extraordinaire, Dela.

Hat tips to all in attendance: for fear of forgetting to mention one of you, I’ll mention none.

See you at #WamathaiNov

Also, full gallery available on our Facebook page.

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